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electronic music & art.

Obscurité is a non profit cultural-association, founded by a group of friends who are really passionate about Electronic Music and the whole scene around it. Our dearest wish is, for you and us to live through many unforgettable nights accompanied by good electronic music, art and friends. To make this wish come true we put our heads together and Obscurité was born.


the foundation and future of obscurité.

Obscurité means the absence of light. We are very much inspired by contrasts, what happens in between and how contrast is created. That’s why contrasts are part of our concept.

Our design is light while the Partys will be held in darkness. Each line-up will be curated carefully with a mix of analogue and digital sets. There will be well known names just as local uprising Artists. The music and the venues will be accompanied by art installations.

In a world that seems to keep turning faster get more polarised every day we’d love to give you some contrast. The opportunity to live through nights of pure enjoyment and letting go.

We’d love to bring you together, with everything that separates and connects you.

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we are aware.

To be aware means to know that something exists, or having knowledge of a particular thing.

We want our events to be a safe and fun space for all our guests. We do not tolerate sexism, racism, transphobia, ableism or dscrimination of any kind.

To make sure you feel safe and always know who to turn to if you don’t, we will provide a visibly marked Awareness Team that will be present at every event. They will be there to safeguard you during the party, both proactively and on-hand if you need to speak with staff about any experience which makes you feel uncomfortable.

Please do not hesitate to speak to us we are always happy to help.

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